Guide to Green Fabrics™ is the leading eco-fiber reference guide available today. Written with you in mind, we educate textiles professionals, college professors, design students, fashion and interior designers, product manufacturers, and home sewers who want more environmentally responsible fabric options.
Learn the Benefits of Clean, Green Fibers
Guide to Green Fabrics™ describes which new fabrics are on the market, their origins, properties, characteristics, how they are produced, and what you can do with them. Easy to reference for technical, academic, and personal use, our guide gives exclusive insights into eco-fibers not found in any other reference book. Guide to Green Fabrics™ is also available as an e-book, and our Power Point-style presentations and chapter reports are available directly through our website.
The world of green fabrics is global, ever-changing, and dynamic, and touches every life. We aim to educate consumers about their various fabric choices as a way to help them understand how their purchases impact the earth. Our products are easy to read and understand, and will enhance your understanding of the incredible journey green fibers have taken for centuries. Visit our fan page to get the latest green fabrics news.

Student Workbook

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