Fiber shown in banner: recycled polyester

Our slideshow presentation offers a window to the world of green fibers by displaying a variety of images including hand-painted bamboo rayon napkins, and fabulous green fashions by designers Isobel Davies and Deborah Lindquist. See fabrics such as organic linen, jute, and organic wool. View our signature book covers and special designs. Rounding out these selections are our beautiful hand illustrations including soybeans, wild nettle, kenaf, corn husk, and abaca. Enjoy!


Care Tips for Ramie
Ramie needs to be stored very carefully due to its brittle quality, but when laundering and washing it does not require the same amount of care since the fabric takes on additional strength when wet. It is best to hand wash ramie in cool water, then lay garments or items flat to dry. With each wash, the fabric becomes more lustrous and smooth. Items will hold their shape and not shrink. The fabric can also tolerate high temperatures. Fiber shown in banner: recycled polyester.