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“There are benefits at different life-cycle stages of the organic and eco-friendly fabrics trade, both for consumers and producers. As the demand for such eco-friendly items is increasing, there exists a great scope for new entrepreneurs to enter into this field.”

Namita Rautray, Eco-Manufacturer
Inovex Enterprises PVT. LTD. |

Kristene Smith is the author of Guide to Green Fabrics™. Initially started as an educational research project on bamboo, her discovery of the world’s leading green fibers forayed into an educational learning suite now available to designers, consumers, students, textiles professionals, libraries, and universities across the globe.

Green Earth News blogger Stacey Irwin states, “An informed consumer is a true friend of the environment. But with the amount of information floating around both on the internet and through word-of-mouth, those wanting to make smart choices can easily be overwhelmed and misled. Thankfully, Guide to Green Fabrics™ is on the market to help! I personally appreciate that this is truly a book for everyone whether you’re a member of a knitting circle or an aspiring fashion designer. We can all make a difference with our fabric selections.”

With its depth and breadth of information, Guide to Green Fabrics™ has become the definitive resource on green fabric education. Author Kristene Smith holds great expectations for the inevitable impact of this eco-friendly fabric guide stating that, “The textiles and apparel industry, with its massive economic engine, touches every life. From clothes and bedding to car interiors and medical supplies, textiles are indeed woven into our collective fabric of life. Truly knowing what our fabric choices are can help us make greener buying decisions and more intelligent contributions to sustainability.”

Kristene Smith, a consultant, author, and designer, holds a degree in Family and Consumer Science with an emphasis in textiles and interior design sewing. She is also the President of Kristene Smith Communications, an award-winning marketing communications firm based in Sacramento, California.


Facts About Silk Fibers
Finished silk fibers are clearly considered some of the most lustrous and luxurious in the world. The silkworm's method of extruding protein and spinning it into silk is unmatched. This results in fibers that are super strong, but not very elastic. Silk has good moisture regain, but loses one fifth of its strength when wet. Direct sunlight weakens and damages silk
so care must be taken to shield it.
Silk is susceptible to attack by
insects, therefore, proper
storage is essential.