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“Creating a story about the fabric, how it’s made, how it’s dyed, where it comes from is beneficial since people don’t always know.”

Deborah Lindquist, Green Fashion Designer
Deborah Lindquist Eco Fashion Brand | deborahlindquist.com

Guide to Green Fabrics™ products are available in a variety of formats to suit the needs and learning styles of all of our readers.

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Guide to Green Fabrics™
ISBN: 9780975298398
178 pages, full color interior
32 hand illustrations

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Guide to Green Fabrics™ fills an untapped niche by serving the needs of eco-savvy textiles professionals, design students, fashion and interior designers, product manufacturers, and home sewers seeking environmentally responsible fabric options and more information on the latest developments in green textiles. A comprehensive eco-fiber reference guide that is easy to read, yet richly informative, Guide to Green Fabrics™ – Eco-Friendly Textiles for Fashion and Interior Design, is the most comprehensive guide of its kind available on the market today. At once inviting and enlightening, Guide to Green Fabrics™ has much to offer that simply cannot be found in other textiles guides. The book’s unequaled depth and breadth educates readers through all aspects of the wide world of green fabric manufacturing along with the many green fabric options and how they perform in fashion and interior design. Readers delve into the rich world of environmentally-friendly fabrics that comprise a diverse array of products from car interiors and home decor products to baby clothes and geo-textiles. Novices, experts, teachers, and students all benefit from practical information and insights on new fabrics on the market, their origins, properties, characteristics, how they are produced, and what you can do with them. Guide to Green Fabrics™ will surely leave you ready to explore your creative side in a new, eco-friendly way!


Guide to Green Fabrics Teaching Companion™
ISBN: 9780989474719
90 pages, B/W interior

This title is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Do you spend innumerable, unpaid hours developing lesson plans, giving up valuable time you’d rather spend on activities you really enjoy? Are your evenings and weekends filled with relaxation and fun, or countless hours of work designing teaching tools and student lesson plans? Fortunately, the Guide to Green Fabrics Teaching Companion™ changes all of that and allows you to quickly and easily access pre-designed, ready-made lesson plans that relate to every chapter in the book. As a way to assist educators in communicating a progressive learning flow, our Guide to Green Fabrics Teaching Companion™ features relevant, professional, and engaging curriculum that ensures you don’t have to spend time on prep work.

Everything you need!

It becomes surprisingly easy and stress free to teach the subject of green textiles when you have access to a comprehensive collection of professionally designed resources systematically organized and integrated into an all-encompassing teaching suite that features relevant and updated content. We want you to have peace of mind, knowing well that our teaching tools cover a broad curriculum designed to engage your students. To make your teaching experience easier, the Guide to Green Fabrics Teaching Companion™ includes:

  • 32 comprehensive lesson plans including chapter quizzes
  • Reproducible student worksheets
  • Challenging and interactive class activities
  • Pre-designed midterm assignments
  • Pre-developed extra credit assignments
  • A comprehensive final exam
  • A multi-part answer key
  • Suggested grading criteria

The Guide to Green Fabrics Teaching Companion™ contains everything you need to effectively teach in an engaging manner. Instead of stressing over preparations for your next class, you can enjoy doing things you really like to do. With only a couple of clicks you can securely order our Teaching Companion and experience the hassle-free teaching you were meant to do. Note: please contact us directly to receive your reproducible student worksheets upon purchase. 


Guide to Green Fabrics Student Workbook™
ISBN: 9780989474733
84 pages, B/W interior

This title is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble

To enhance student learning, the Guide to Green Fabrics Student Workbook™ is the primary complement to the book, Guide to Green Fabrics™. Designed to provide a meaningful learning experience that works in concert with the Teaching Companion, our Student Workbook gives you all the necessary tools to foster progressive learning on green fabrics. Featuring professionally generated content organized to represent researched information in the most clear, concise manner, the Guide to Green Fabrics Student Workbook™ promotes learning through structured weekly lessons, intelligent and engaging exercises, and quizzes formulated to test your knowledge on eco-fibers and the impact they have on our global landscape. By reading chapters as a means to prepare for the lesson plans contained within the workbook, you will also prepare yourself for the chapter quizzes and ultimately the unit exam, and any available extra credit assignments. As you gain confidence and understanding of the world of eco-fibers you will no doubt be propelled into a dynamically growing and changing arena that will enhance your skills and abilities for years to come.


Guide to Green Fabrics Presentations™

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Our Guide to Green Fabrics Presentations™ collection represents a significant knowledge base on eco-fibers and is designed to support your teaching endeavors. Each presentation is dedicated to a specific green fabric providing detailed information on the fiber’s properties, environmental value, characteristics, and much more. As seen in the book Guide to Green Fabrics™, each presentation follows a logical content pattern making it easier to understand and memorize. The presentations also advance student learning via technology integration whereby tools can be easily viewed online, through student learning portals, and with mobile technology. Our presentations, which are similar to Power Point presentations, but instead, are in PDF format, will prove to be a valuable asset to you and your students this semester and beyond.



Guide to Green Fabrics Chapter Reports™

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Enhance your learning with our Guide to Green Fabrics Chapter Reports™, which contain detailed information relating to a specific type of green fabric. In essence, our reports are single chapters from our book, such as abaca, bamboo, or coir, which supplements your existing knowledge. Intelligently conceptualized and featuring the most up-to-date information on green fabrics, our Guide to Green Fabrics Chapter Reports™ enable you to significantly enhance your single-subject learning on eco-fibers. Available in PDF format only.